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Board Games Rise Again!

The ding of an incoming text message, the swoosh of a sent email, the alarm of an emergency alert… all constant reminders that we are immersed in the digital age.  Social media has enabled us to take part in each other vacations, meet the pet of someone living on the other side of the world, and even see what our neighbors are having for lunch.  I have never understood the draw of posting what you are eating to Instagram, but I digress.  Being connected to everyone and everything 24 hours a day is convenient and entertaining but there comes a time when most of us long for an escape from it all. 

Enter the board game.  Remember sitting down to play Chutes and Ladders with your brother when you were a kid?  How about when your parents FINALLY decided to teach you to play Monopoly?  Being a parent myself, I understand what a huge decision that must have been for them!  Board games were and still are one of the best ways to slow down and really enjoy each other.  

When Covid-19 arrived on the scene and forced us all to our homes to wait out the coming apocalypse with our families, those trusty old board games finally had their day in the sun.  Even before Covid-19, board games were seeing a resurgence in interest.  Is it because we long to experience some of the fun from our past or have people rediscovered an old way to personally connect with friends?  Either way, we are glad to see so many people enjoying board games now.  Afterall, there is only so much Netflix a person can watch, right?!

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